Angels Envy Cask Strength 2021 Port Finished Bourbon Whiskey 750ml


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Angels Envy is a famous bourbon distillery in Kentucky, USA. It was founded in 2011 around the idea of a family distillery. Former Brown-Forman master and Woodford Reserve founder Lincoln Henderson designed the company. He was a man of great inventiveness, and Angel’s Envy Bourbon Whiskey is his unique creation.

Lincoln Henderson shared his 40 years of experience in the bourbon industry. But producing this bourbon whiskey was not easy for him. Because it was different from traditional American bourbon. The idea of making bourbon in port casks instead of American oak casks was not considered reasonable by Scotch enthusiasts at that time. But the whiskey produced at Angel’s Envy keeps the quality intact. Later it got well-liked by fans for its different taste and excellent variations.

After the death of legendary Lincoln Henderson in 2013, his son Wes and grandson Kylie took over. Angel’s Envy Cask Strength 2021 whiskey is the 10th collection from the Angel’s Envy company, a tribute to the innovative thinking of Lincoln Henderson. After ten years of perfection with Cask ‍strength, the company launched this collection. It’s made with some great ingredients, including toasted oak and vanilla.

Ingredients: Vanilla, Toasted Oak, leather, Caramel, Brown Sugar, Fruit, Crème Brûlée, Marshmallow, Green Apple, Citrus Orange, Dessert, Black Pepper Spices, Corn, Rye, and Malted Barley Etc.

Testing Notes:

Note: For the nose, the blending begins with leather, brown sugar, and caramel. Then a mixture of crème brûlée, marshmallow, green apple, and citrus orange is added.

Palate: From the nose, the orange blends with the creaminess paired with the orange. Apple, caramel, brown sugar, dessert, vanilla, toasted oak, and black pepper are also added to make the palette more delicious.

Finish: Finally, tannic notes of fruit and grapefruit blend with spice for a long finish.

Hugely popular and critically acclaimed across America, our whiskey will give you a great drinking experience. So don’t wait to buy this exclusive whiskey and get the best drink ever!