Ardbeg Ardcore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky


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Located on the south coast of Islay, Ardbeg is one of the world’s most popular Scotch whiskey companies. This company is an example of how to succeed from scratch or how to start fresh after losing time and time again. It made its debut as the first illegal distillery in Scotland in 1794. However, in 1815 John MacDougall bought the company and legitimized it by taking out a license. So Ardbeg officially started producing Scotch that year.

The MacDougall family ran the company until 1865. Colin Hay then took over. He greatly improved it until 1897, and it was the largest and most successful distillery on Islay before he retired that year. Colin E. succeeded his father as the first licensed manager in 1900. During his time in 1911, Ardbeg received its modern identity. Then again, in 1922, the MacDougall family took ownership of the company. However, it was closed due to the economic depression between 1930 – 1935.

Ardbeg came back in 1997, and the company continues to operate successfully. Mainly, the growing popularity of peated malt has kept the company returning. Today Ardbeg’s mission is never to stop and provide premium quality peated malt Scotch to Scotch lovers worldwide. Ardcore Single Malt Scotch Whiskey is an excellent addition to the Ardbeg company with an intense flavor profile. It is made with various delicious ingredients.


Peated Malt, Roasted Black Malt, Anise, Citrus, Mint, vanilla. Malted Barley, Oregon Pine, Fresh Spring Water, Yeast, Dark Chocolate, Brittle Toffee, Salty Peat, Continued Aniseed, etc.

Testing Notes:

Note:  A long dose of peat smoke, slight medicinal note, Citrus, and tar.

Palate: Vanilla, barley, continued peat, and more Citrus meet Aniseed.

Finish: Continued Aniseed and salty peat.

A limited edition “Ardbeg Adcore” has been released to celebrate the Feys Isle festival, which has been in high demand among Scotch lovers. So buy it today and experience the best Scotch!